Hello I'm Pranay Vinod a game designer, and I love building things for the games.

Pranay Vinod

"A Game Designer and a Weaver of Stories."

I love making games.
I thrive on crafting stories that the player loses themselves in.I want to tell complex stories by pushing the limits of hardware in gaming.
  • Theory Games

    Collection of theory games

  • Conditioning

    The premises of the game are that the player wakes up in a facility, with no recognition of their environment. The small assistant bot comes to the players rescue and helps guide them to safety. As the 2 traverse the facility they uncover a dark truth.

  • Protector of Wano

    We were given 15 days to make a game. In that time I chose to try make a stealth based tactical game. For this game idea I took inspiration from The stealth sections from Assassins Creed 4 Blackflag. in this game I wanted the player to be completely stealth and avoid detection at all times. So the player would need to use the bushes and foliage for

  • Dark Deception

    Now that our theme and setting was done the next step is what the game was going to be like. What is our story going to be like? I wanted the player to walk through the abandoned halls of the school. Each time the player entered one door, they would exit through a different door in a different part of the school. Along the way there would be different

  • My DnD and Character Stories

    Collections of my dnd characters

  • Small Prototypes

    Collections of small prototypes

Glimps of My Work

Pranay Vinod — Game Designer — Pranay Vinod — Game Designer — Pranay Vinod — Game Designer — Pranay Vinod — Game Designer — Pranay Vinod — Game Designer —